Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photos from the last Boylesk 101 Showcase!

Since I'm so close to starting up my next Boylesk 101 course (August 13th), I thought I'd take a hot second to re-post some of the photos from the (G)amazing Boylesk 101 showcase from my second class. I have to say these boys worked especially hard, so much that they have continued to book shows and even produce on their own directly after finishing working with me. All in all, five brand spankin' new Boylesk-er's finished the course and performed for a PACKED audience at The Bowery Poetry Club. And thus, Teddy Turnaround, Matt Knife, Lucky Charming, Rique Shaw, and Dick Velour revealed themselves--and then some!--to the NYC Burlesque community. 
Also featured at the show and rounding out the cast were the drag-tastic Iris Explosion and my first student Go-Go Gadget.


(Backstage; I'll admit it: I love being a stage mom.)

(Thank god for Iris Explosion and also my stage manager Tom Blunt in the back left. I'm chain smoking candy cigarettes in the corner.)

(Patience my children. You too shall soon know the secrets of the "C-string." Or, what I more pracitcally refer to as the dick pouch.)

(Go-Go and Go-Go.)

And that my friends was simply a taste of what was an amazing event.

The next Boylesk 101 Showcase is scheduled for TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH! We'll not only showcase the upcoming students work, but also performances by former students, working professionals, and yours truly. 

If you have any questions about BOYLESK 101 feel free to email me at

And please...

Help me, help YOU take your clothes off!

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