Monday, October 15, 2012

Baring it all... AGAIN!

The "First Boylesk-ing"

(Because there's always room for seconds...)

This November I'm giving thanks for a cornucopia that's bulging over with more BOYLESK 101 Classes...


 BOYLESK 101: Bared Essentials

We're back with my one-day, Boylesk intensive class focusing on the bare bones (yes, there's more than one) of male striptease! Using a variety of dance, theater, and clowning exercises, you'll get your feet wet and your fly unzipped in the world of Boylesk performance art! 

Students will focus not only on how to play the stage and tease the audience with movement and striptease choreography, but also how to celebrate and tantalize a crowd with their own unique assets:

(Like I said, ASSets.)

 Curious but still riding the fence?

Check out what the Huffington Post and Next Magazine have to say about me and my BOYLESK 101 Classes and you'll be riding that tie in no time!


BOYLESK 101: Package Perfection!

You know, I often here, "Gee, Go-Go Harder, how do I get my package to look as perfect as yours?!"

And no friends, (sadly) its not the contents of said package I'm being questioned on, but the decorative g-strings, jock straps, and c-cups I create to enshrine my "Harder Junior."

This is a class for ANYONE--ladies too!--interested in learning more tips and tricks for Boylesk costuming and ESPECIALLY for any male performers who are looking to up the anty with a fancy "mantie"! 

In "Package Perfection" we will examine a variety of hand sewing and construction techniques used to create eye-popping and junk-dropping g-strings, jock straps, and c-cups sure to leave all participants swelling with pride!

PLUS... every student goes home with a basic g-string, jock strap, or c-cup!

And if you need just a little more nudging--because who doesn't love a good nudge every now and then--read below and see what some of the former students of BOYLESK 101 have to say...

(BOYLESK) Jock Talk:

 I've been performing since I was ten years old, and my first boylesk performance with Go-Go's class was some of the most fun I've had on stage in my life. Taking off your clothes for crowd of people can be scary business, but we could not have asked for a more supportive and encouraging teacher. Our class was a broad spectrum of body types and experience levels, but every single one of us emerged a sexy superstar.

-Lucky Charming
  "Go-Go Harder is an excellent teacher, he is attentive, supportive and very well informed.  The class is structured, organized and you will walk away confident and well prepared.  Burlesque art therapy."

-Matt Knife

So please,

Help me, help YOU take your clothes off!!!


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