Monday, March 12, 2012

Psychedelic Stripping Monkey, well, really an ape...


 I just wanted to share a newly found band whose music is this amazing blend of jazz, rock, and sleaze that I just know they'll fit right in with the Intro to Boylesk Class: King Khan and His Shrines. Founded by King Khan himself (alias Arish Khan) the band's psychedelic rock shows are usually home to theatrical, weird and--no shame--idiotic stage antics including but not limited to a cheer leader go-go girl known as Bamborrella.

I'm hooked. (All it really took was the name Bamboorella... and the giant headdress Khan occasionally sports.)

I couldn't find any music videos off the top of my searches, but the clip below features a photo montage showcasing what I can only imagine are hilarious, messy, but ultimately rhythmically delicious stage performances:

And speaking of deliciousness onstage, I was first clued into Khan by the beautifully inked boylesk and hula-hoop spectacle that is FERRO who does an amazing number to one of their songs:

(FERRO, Styled and photographed by State of Emergency.)

My students and I will also be working on exercises and a group number to one of Khan's songs for our showcase, APRIL 22ND! More on that soon!


  1. That's some high-energy hotness. All right, Spotify, you and I have got a lot of music to start going through.

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