Thursday, March 15, 2012

Testicle Festivals Abounding...

If you are a performer or fan on the burlesque scene in any city, chances are you are familiar with its rapidly growing kid brother BOYLESK (or BOYLESQUE).

However, I often find myself explaining what it is "I do" over and over to new acquaintances, at parties, and in some cases, to new-and old-burlesque gals. Whereas at first I used to feel self conscious or even annoyed at having to explain that I'm "kind of a male performer in the burlesque scene, but I'm not just a stripper but I'm also kind of an actor and it's also sort of like a performance art...etc." I actually now relish the opportunity to enlighten others about this performance form which has now completely occupied my time. Even more exciting to me is the fact that more and more boys are getting involved in the scene, so much now that there are two new, need I say MAJOR events happening on different sides of the Atlantic:


How amazing is this?!?! For the first time ever boys from across the country and the world are going to be sharing the stage in a show that's all about Boylesque! And don't misunderstand me; I LOVE performing alongside my burly-q ladies, but again, performers and fans know that all male shows are few and far between, especially one of this scope and size. 

The festival happens APRIL 27-28. I will not be surprised if these events completely sell out, so get your tickets in advance HERE!

And... across the pond in my home-away-from-home...

Over the past year and a half I've had the great joy to travel back and forth between NYC and London to perform and teach. Again, while there have been male performers in the UK scene for awhile, there has been such a growth lately that the WORLD BURLESQUE GAMES now have a male show (which I will be competing in) PLUS, my dear friend and powerhouse producer TEMPEST ROSE has extended her Burlesque Idol empire to now include a BOYLESQUE IDOL! 

And of course, don't forget about the Intro to Boylesk Showcase happening SUNDAY, APRIL 22ND. Details soon!

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