Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I know we haven't even finished BOYLESK 101 yet, but I just wanted to put the word out to all you gents and boys who've contacted me about future classes about my next "undress to impress" project...


A one-day ONLY Boylesk workshop created to help you "get your feet wet and your fly unzipped" in the world of Boylesk striptease!

For those of you unfamiliar--but unrelentingly curious--about what exactly this "Boylesk" thing is, allow me to explain...

Boylesk, technically speaking, is the male version of female burlesque striptease. However, unlike conventional go-go dancing or stripping, Boylesk is a performance art drawing on elements of theatre, dance, drag, and exploring "masculinity" onstage in a 3-5 minute long striptease.

In BARED ESSENTIALS, we will work on the basic--and bare--tools necessary to create a Boylesk striptease including center and core work, class striptease exercises and challenges, and even brief but incredibly succinct make-up and costume demos taught by guest professionals. 

Basically, BARED ESSENTIALS is five hours of learning how to be more confident, creative, sexy, and stupid onstage and win and audience's attention and adoration.

Some Frequently (and sometimes Flippantly) Asked Questions...

"Okay, but why should I take a class on taking my clothes off? That seems like a waste of time and money."

Well, truthfully speaking, maybe you shouldn't take my class (especially with that attitude)! But if you really want a reason... I created the BOYLESK 101 workshops in response to a growing number of requests from guys like me (and maybe you) who wanted to get into burlesque but were...

a) Clueless where to begin; especially since Burlesque originated as a female form and continues to be mostly female driven.

b) Frustrated creatively with their work as actors, dancers, and artists and wanting to try a different performance form.

c) Excited and aroused by the idea of using their bodies and brains to create work that is as sexy and provocative as it can be clever and humorous. 

Thus BOYLESK 101 was born. The Bared Essentials class is an opportunity for guys to not only again experiment with a new way of creating performance art, but also see if they want to progress and invest further in the BOYLESK 101 seven week long course. 

"So, do we like, get naked in this class. Is this a sex party?"

Two-part answer: YES, we strip in class (though not fully nude). NO, this is not a sex party, a craigslist hook-up, or a speed dating opportunity. No shame, but only those guys truly interested in Boylesk should contact me. 

"I don't have a six pack and I don't work out; can I still take your class?"

YES! The goal of BARED ESSENTIALS and ANY Boylesk workshop I teach is to inspire you to create interesting, provocative, and entertaining stripteases on your own terms! I'm not looking to create an army of dancing Ken dolls!

"I'm a trans boy. Am I allowed in the class?"

Basically, if you identify as a male and you have a positive attitude, I WANT YOU IN MY CLASS! 

If you've ever been titillated by the idea of Boylesk,
If you need a break from your regular artistic pursuits,
If you've got a penchant for public indecency and a knack for chewing scenery, 


For more information, questions, and registration, email me--Go-Go Harder--at

What: BOYLESK 101: Bared Essentials!
When: SUNDAY, OCT. 7 Noon-5pm
Where: Triskelion Arts--118 N 11th St (btwn Berry/Wythe Ave), Brooklyn 11211
Conveniently located off the Bedford Stop on the L Train
Cost: $90
Register at:


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