Sunday, September 9, 2012



10. "So, what exactly is this "Boylesk" thing that you speak of?"
Well, Boylesk, technically speaking, is the male version of female burlesque striptease. However, unlike conventional go-go dancing or stripping, Boylesk is a performance art drawing on elements of theatre, dance, drag, and the exploration of "masculinity." Boylesk's roots stretch from early turn of the century circus and vaudeville performers to the rise and fall of New York's more scantily clad, "rent by the hour," Times Square clubs and theaters. Boylesk is comedic yet challenging, sexy yet subversive, precious yet perverted, and most definitely the SMARTER way to STRIPTEASE!

9. "Okay, but why should I take a class on taking my clothes off? That seems like a waste of time and money."

Well, truthfully speaking, maybe you shouldn't take my class (especially with that attitude)! But if you really want a reason... I created the BOYLESK 101 workshops in response to a growing number of requests from guys like me (and maybe you) who wanted to get into burlesque but were...

a) Clueless where to begin; especially since Burlesque originated as a female form and continues to be mostly female driven.

b) Frustrated creatively with their work as actors, dancers, and artists and wanting to try a different performance form.

c) Excited and aroused by the idea of using their bodies and brains to create work that is as sexy and provocative as it can be clever and humorous. 

Thus BOYLESK 101 was born. My upcoming Bared Essentials workshop is an opportunity for guys to not only again experiment with a new way of creating performance art, but also see if they want to progress and invest further in the BOYLESK 101 seven week long course. 

8. "So, do we like, get naked in this class. Is this a sex party?"

Two-part answer: YES, we strip in class (though not fully nude). NO, this is not a sex party, a craigslist hook-up, or a speed dating opportunity. No shame, but only those guys truly interested in Boylesk should contact me. 

7. "Okay, but do I have to get naked onstage during the showcase? Do all numbers end with nudity?"

I think the whole, "to johnson or not to johnson" question applies more specifically to a given number or even the venue where the show happens. If anything, I've found that an audience is more responsive to a performer getting as close to naked as possible as opposed to going the full Monty. Remember, we're performing strip-TEASES, not strip-strips!

6. "Does Boylesk happen mostly in gay bars or clubs? Where can I see more?"

My brand of Boylesk and my teachings in general are intended for any kind of audience member. Ultimately, I see myself as an entertainer and I sincerely want to play for as many different kinds of people as possible. I think audience members should be just like the performers: different. Boylesk, like Burlesque happens all over the city in a variety of clubs and bars. Go to and sign up for my weekly email for a listing of my upcoming shows which include male and female performers.

5. "I don't have a six pack and I don't work out; can I still take your class?"

YES! The goal of BARED ESSENTIALS and ANY Boylesk workshop I teach is to inspire you to create interesting, provocative, and entertaining stripteases on your own terms! I'm not looking to create an army of dancing Ken dolls!

4. "I'm a trans boy. Am I allowed in the class?"

Basically, if you identify as a male and you have a positive attitude, I WANT YOU IN MY CLASS! 

3. "Can I make a lot of cash doing this?"

Consider it this way: no one ever tells someone who likes to draw to grow up and become a painter because he'll make lots of money, right? Ultimately for you to be successful and your work to grow, there has to be HEART in it--not just a finely contoured g-string.  

2. "What makes you the expert?"

Lets get one thing straight--before we work on that snarky attitude! I do NOT consider myself an authority on Burlesque or Boylesk. That said, I think I'm a good performer. I think I have a lot of experience with a lot of different shows, numbers, and audiences and in a lot of different countries, so, do I think I can teach a course? Yes, definitely. Do I think I too still have a lot to learn as a performer? You bet! 

1. I've always dreamed of doing Boylesk, but I'm really shy. What skills should a BOYLESK 101 student possess?

Here's what I think: performing either Boylesk or Burlesque requires one to merge creativity with risk, a sense of humor, a functioning cerebral cortex, and a HUGE work ethic. It sounds a little corny I know, but I'm not searching for students with classic ballet training or perfect abs (in case those were any of your concerns). I may be repeating myself, but I'm really interested in telling stories onstage with my body and my stripteases. Funny, stupid, sexy, bizarre, provocative and even gross stories. And that is the mindset with which I try to approach my classes. Yes, there are definitely "stripper" techniques and tips, but we are using elements of dance, theater, movement, circus, and even drag at times, all contained under this umbrella of "striptease." 


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