Thursday, April 5, 2012


Many of you by now know that in three weeks New York City is going to be bombarded by Boylesk performers from around the world for the first ever New York Boylesque Festival! You can click that dashing, albeit nelly Frenchman below for the official festival website, tickets, and a glimpse at the truly amazing gentlemen who will be storming the stage and stripping it all away.

(Think of it as a "cacophony of cock," or perhaps a "smorgasbord of sausage," with a generous sprinkling of glitter of course.)

AND... in addition to what will be two amazing shows, there will also be four fantastic BOYLESK WORKSHOPS! Introducing...

Saturday, April 28th

Taught by Scott Ewalt, Tigger!, Hot Toddy, and Go-Go Harder and brought to you by Daniel Nardicio and Thirsty Girl Productions, we cover practically every inch of Boylesque (think yardsticks.) Read below for classes and info:

A Brief History of the first 120 years of Boylesk:1883- 2003

COST: $10

Scott Ewalt's epic documentation of Boylesk is represented in this in depth time-line of photographs and film clips dating from the male burlesque pioneers of the Victorian era to the golden age of Boylesk during the sexual revolution in the mid-twentieth century.

Acting Burlesque

COST: $20

Set the stage on fire! Go from talented to TNT! Build a larger-than-life Burlesque Persona with Tigger! and take your shows and your stage identity to the next level. Tigger! is a recognized pioneer of the current burlesque scene but has been an actor all his life, “acting like a stripper” for 20 years. Using his degree in theatre, his experience teaching college acting, and over 30 years on the stage (both Shakespeare & Shimmy), he employs his theatrical training & perspective to break down what makes a burlesque performer stand out from the herd.
Whatever you do in front of any kind of an audience, You are an Actor. Learn techniques and tips to make the most of what you’ve got.

Dance Technique for Burlesque

TIME: 3PM-4:30PM
COST: $20

Incorporating jazz technique as well as Broadway style movement, students will learn a variety of steps and moves to incorporate into their burlesque choreography. Special focus will be placed on body isolation & traveling movements culminating in a short but sexy routine! Some dance or movement experience is encouraged but not required.

The Superman Strip!

TIME: 4:30PM-6PM
COST: $20

It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's... a somewhat bedazzled, exotic Boylesk dancer!
Like superheroes? Love taking off your clothes? Perfect, because Harder is dedicated to transform you from the boy-next-door into the sex-bomb boy wonder! We'll examine how to apply Boylesk and striptease basics to everyday clothing--think hipster nerd--and learn the A-Z of the g-string!
Please bring a nerd look composed of clothing from home (think slacks, button down shirt, sweater, glasses, and especially a tie and belt.) Also, bring a pair of boxers or underwear and a g-string or jock strap. We'll create a routine that you can add your own stripper spin to and reveal your Boylesk bombshell!

Check back for class location. For any questions regarding specific classes, email me at and I'll point your pencil in the right direction.


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