Monday, April 23, 2012

Help US help YOU take your clothes off!!!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Boys and girls,
And all lovers of "the tease" (and the sleaze)...

In just five days New York City will be drenched in an international, multicultural, glitter-n-balls shower known as the first ever...

 With two nights featuring over 30 Boylesque performers including Mr. Exotic World 2010, The Evil Hate Monkey pictured above!
Click here or touch Monkey's banana for tickets and more info!


On Saturday April 28th, YOU get the chance to learn all about the A-Z of the G-string and be teacher's pet at the one and only...


There's a class for everyone: history, theatre, dance, and general shenanigans! Read below for more info. All classes will be held at "The Living Room" at the Gershwin Hotel--7 East 27th St btwn (5th/Madison Ave)

A Brief History of the first 120 years of Boylesk:1883- 2003

COST: $10
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Scott Ewalt's epic documentation of Boylesk is represented in this in depth time-line of photographs and film clips dating from the male burlesque pioneers of the Victorian era to the golden age of Boylesk during the sexual revolution in the mid-twentieth century.

Acting Burlesque

COST: $20

Set the stage on fire! Go from talented to TNT! Build a larger-than-life Burlesque Persona with Tigger! and take your shows and your stage identity to the next level. Tigger! is a recognized pioneer of the current burlesque scene but has been an actor all his life, “acting like a stripper” for 20 years. Using his degree in theatre, his experience teaching college acting, and over 30 years on the stage (both Shakespeare & Shimmy), he employs his theatrical training & perspective to break down what makes a burlesque performer stand out from the herd.
Whatever you do in front of any kind of an audience, You are an Actor. Learn techniques and tips to make the most of what you’ve got.

Dance Technique for Burlesque

TIME: 3PM-4:30PM
COST: $20

Incorporating jazz technique as well as Broadway style movement, students will learn a variety of steps and moves to incorporate into their burlesque choreography. Special focus will be placed on body isolation & traveling movements culminating in a short but sexy routine! Some dance or movement experience is encouraged but not required.

Sunday April 29th 
 Tassel Twirling for Men
Time: 1:00pm
Teacher: Jonny Porkpie and Jo Boobs Weldon
Cost: $20
More info at:
On Sunday, April 29, as part of the New York Boylesque Festival, "Burlesque Mayor of New York City" Jonny Porkpie teams with NY School of Burlesque Headmistress Jo "Boobs" Weldon to get men in the rotation with "Tassel Twirling for Men". The course description reads: "If've got nipples, you can twirl tassels. If you've got a butt, you can twirl assels. And guess what you need to twirl a tasticle? Put your best chest forward and learn this unique skill from a man (and a woman) who have taught tassel twirling on every part of the body in every part of the world. From NYC to LA, Coney Island to Sydney Harbor, everywhere the globe spins, they've brought the twirl. Tassels, assels, and tasticles provided. Why should girls have all the fun?"


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