Sunday, April 1, 2012

Freshly Sleazed Boylesk!

The Intro to Boylesk Class is officially over half way through as of yesterday! After several cups of Dunkin' Donuts coffee and some quality deli danishes (gluten free pbj for me), the students showed the first drafts of their boylesk stripteases, and let me tell you, its going to be one hell of a showcase! There's going to be a variety of sexy, queer, bizarre pieces including everything from James Bond to Madame X with plenty of leather and a few sequins as well (if I have anything to say about it.) The class and I were even so fortunate to have the headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque, Miss Jo Weldon Boobs herself pop in and offer some feed back whilst the boys popped off their clothes.

(What I'm sure is certainly a candid photo, the one and only Miss Jo Boobs!)

So... its with great pleasure to fill you in on the official details of where the clothes will be coming off...

FRESHLY SLEAZED: The Intro to Boylesk Showcase!
(Still, from Pink Narcissus)

Proudly bringing you a brawny, ballzy revue that's 100% man--not from concentrate! Featuring the Intro to Boylesk Class students, these novice strip teasers have been learning the A-Z of the G-string for 7 weeks and now finally show YOU what they’ve learned—and what they’re made of!

Each boy will perform his own class-crafted Boylesk routine, PLUS, special performances by myself, Go-Go Harder, and one of the "alums" from my first class, Mr. Go-Go Gadget pictured below!
 (Photo by State of Emergency)

And... raffle prizes by The Pleasure Chest, free donut holes and sticky sweet nibbles and treats, and $5 Bloody Mary's and screwdrivers!

Come hungry because we're serving up a menu that’s heavy on the meat with a piece for every appetite!

Sunday, April 22nd
1pm door/2pm show
Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery (btwn Bleecker/East Houston St), near the F, V subways
To continue to inspire the students (and myself for that matter) I hope you enjoy a few videos by some incredibly fantastic burlesque and boylesk performers. It's my opinion that any number can continue to be improved and watching performers like those below continue to motivate me to do just that. Enjoy! 




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